Alex Laws holding flowers
Whatever it takes!

That’s the spirit Alex Laws brings to this book.

Know Your Core will open up faith in yourself and put you on a critical path to success. See how your small steps—or maybe even giant leaps—can positively change your life.

“This book didn’t happen overnight. I fine-tuned it as I saw what people go through as they begin to lose faith in themselves, the country, and the community. We need to be open to the intuitive sense we all have and listen to the inside. Allowing the soul to direct our actions and be aware of the energy around us. When you focus on your inside the core, you have the most success.”

Alex Laws holding flowers
“Through his book Know Your Core, Alex proves that in business you can be compassionate and caring and also direct and aggressive. Alex teaches us that the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are both vital to a healthy and successful life. He brings his personal experience as a super-endurance athlete, a trusted advisor, and a cancer survivor to every chapter.”

Amos Newman
Head of Music for Visual Media , William Morris Endeavor Agency

“If you want to jump-start your life—whether that means looking for a more fulfilling job, starting a business, or taking on some other challenge—you’ll find inspiration and encouragement in this book. Alex’s focus on being true to your core, in my experience, is essential to creating a life that’s worth the effort. Read this with pen in hand because there are gems of wisdom herein that you’ll want to refer to again and again.”

Judy Galbraith
President and founder, Free Spirit Publishing Inc.

Know Your Core gives an extraordinary gift to all of us pursuing self-reflection and introspection. Alex Laws shares personal stories, wisdom, and humor to engage us and illustrate his personal philosophy, practices, and experiences. His vision for success will engage you as you navigate your journey using his suggested tools to create your authentic self, a sense of purpose, and meaning in your life. Alex’s broad background as a businessperson, athlete, entrepreneur, and author is everywhere present in this book.”

Pam Egan Blahna
Human resource consultant